Payment method

At present, we offer only few payment options – Bitcoin, Paypal and Webmoney

Bitcoin is an e-currency (digital currency). Unlike other types of electronic currencies, bitcoin is decentralized, has limited number of coins in the network and offers complete anonymity.
Anyone who is using the bitcoin currency can create an infinite number of addresses if he wants. Payments in this system are made without any intermediaries. You cannot cancel payments after they have been made. However, if the payment is incorrect, it is rejected by the system. The user’s address carries no information about his identity, address, and other personal details. To maintain anonymity, some users create an account intended for a one-and-only payment.

There are several exchangers converting Bitcoin into WebMoney automatically. This electronic payment system has become popular among entrepreneurs doing network business with partners who live in other countries. Each currency in WebMoney has a separate purse. Legally speaking, money in this system cannot be literally called “e-money”, rather, they are the financial assets of their owner.

Payment system PayPal is also very popular. This is largely because with PayPal, it is very convenient to pay bills in online stores located worldwide. Users find this system efficient and affordable since once you register, you don’t need to always enter your bank details, card numbers and other details that are sometimes hard to memorize. To make a payment, you only need to know your unique identifier. Despite this, PayPal guarantees its users security and reliability of their money. The administration is making every possible effort to ensure that users’ money and personal details are well-secured by constantly modernizing its security systems. Users can be rest assured that all the data from their cards and accounts are their personal property and will not be known to other people. If disputes arise, PayPal consults with the parties online and determines who is right in every situation.