Dedicated Server


The Dedicated server service offers the use of a dedicated server for storage and/or processing of different data. In fact, the customer has at his disposal a virtual machine running round-the-clock and equipped with powerful hardware configuration and network interface. The user can use this machine for any purpose requiring prolonged load. Modern businessmen, for example, often require constant Internet access to any data. For many of them, their websites, which should not only be constantly available online, but also be secure and fast, are a key source of income.

Under this service, a separate physical server is provided to users for use. So, users can use all the resources of the system, including the CPU and RAM. This is especially useful for business websites because customer’s websites live in a personal safe environment and do not depend on the load that is sometimes created by other people’s sites and which prevents the resource from fully functioning. Dedicated servers have a very fast response time, priority technical support, and increased performance, safety and reliability. Besides, each user can configure their server depending on their individual needs. A dedicated server has only one disadvantage – it is relatively expensive. However, if you consider its advantages, then the costs are perfectly justified.

A dedicated server is necessary for those:

  • who use online business as a source of their main income;
  • who incur losses at the slightest downtime of their site;
  • who have a site whose traffic increases significantly during holidays and weekends (this also applies to “seasonal” sites);
  • who need rapid response from the technical support
  • who have a website in need of specific software or permanent backup;
  • who need a high-power multi-core processor and large hard disks and RAM.


Dedicated Servers Los Angeles USA, Dedicated Servers Switzerland Switzerland, Dedicated Servers Germany Germany

Plan CPU RAM Disk DC IP/Traffic* Price
Server1 E5-2670 16 GB SSD 100 GB Switzerland 1 IP/10 TB $79 Configure
Server2 2xX5670 64 GB HDD 4x1TB Switzerland 1 IP/50 TB $350 Configure
Server3 2xE5-2670 128 GB SSD 4x1TB Switzerland 1 IP/50 TB $399 Configure
Server4 E5-2680 16 GB SSD 100 GB Usa 1 IP/10 TB $59 Configure
Server5 2xE5-2680 128 GB SSD 2x1TB Usa 1 IP/30 TB $229 Configure
Server6 2xE5-2680 128 GB SSD 4x1TB Usa 1 IP/50 TB $299Configure
Server7 i7-6700 16 GB SSD 100GB Germany 1 IP/5 TB $59Configure
Server8 i7-6700 64 GB SSD 2x512GB Germany 1 IP/30 TB $94Configure
Server9 i7-8700 64 GB SSD 2x1TB Germany 1 IP/50 TB $139Configure
Additional IPs: 2 usd per months
Port: 1 Gbit/s
*Bandwidth up to 10Tb: 30 usd per months

Server Administration Control Panels

ISPmanager Lite – free
ISPmanager Business – $15 per month
Official website

ISP Vps Hosting

cPanel/WHM – $20 per month

cPanel Vps Hosting
Operating Systems
CentOS™ Linux 6.X – (64-Bit)
CentOS™ Linux 7.X – (64-Bit)
CentOS Vps Hosting

Ubuntu™ Linux 16.X – (64-Bit)
Ubuntu™ Linux 18.X – (64-Bit)
Ubuntu™ Linux 19.X – (64-Bit)
Ubuntu Vps Hosting

Debian™ Linux 9.X – (64-Bit)
Debian™ Linux 10.X – (64-Bit)
Debian Vps Hosting

Fedora™ Linux 25.0 – (64-Bit)
Fedora™ Linux 20.0 – (32/64-Bit)
Fedora Vps Hosting

Windows Server 2012 Standard -30$/month
Windows Server 2012 Data Center -165$/month
Windows Server 2016 -30$/month
Windows Server 2016 Data Center-165$/month
Winsows server 2008


Dedicated server is ideal for those who encounter problems due to various mass hosting restrictions. This service is very helpful for those users whose resources need high hardware performance or those who are forced to keep any confidentially used information. Sometimes these servers are rented because for any project to work, you will have to use a software program conflicting or not working with the parallel online projects of the user. Besides, to configure the real server efficiently for your tasks, you must have the necessary administration skills. And if you are renting a remote dedicated server, setup and configuration issues are handled by the hosting service provider. Another clear advantage of dedicated servers is that when there is a problem on the server, your website would be unavailable just for a very short time.