Our paid hosting is a profitable and reliable host for any website. We offer virtual hosting for your websites. When ordering, our experts, at your choice, will install CMS on your virtual hosting server, after which even a beginner will be able to make the necessary settings. Our technical support department gives professional advice both to those renting personally dedicated servers and to all users of our VPS services. You can order for any of our services and activate them any time and any day. 10 minutes after activation, you can run your rented server and use all its modes. All our users rate our services very high and are completely satisfied with our quality service. We also receive very favorable feedback about our experts.

  • Our network

    The advantages of choosing us are obvious to all users who have used our services. We do our best to ensure that you have maximum comfort, safety and high performance speed. We are not after immediate profit for it is much more important that your websites have the highest possible uptime. We choose our hardware in such a way as to ensure that it survives even in the event of a natural disaster – users do not have to suffer from sudden onset of force majeure. For our users, we are ready to initially install the server, make the necessary configurations, and setup the required software both standardized and custom.

    RegVPS has been in the hosting market for quite a long time now and has become a medium-sized company from a small group of enthusiasts. Every day, our experts address problems of various complexity, at the same time acquiring invaluable technical expertise and continuously improving their knowledge and skills to constantly maintain our sophisticated hosting structure in a perfect condition. We do everything possible to ensure that our hosting system is resilient as much as possible and constantly increasing in performance speed. We continually install the latest server hardware and use only fault-tolerant equipment for our infrastructure. Our server hardware is updated regularly and incorporates innovations from the server market.

    Our main task is to provide high-quality hosting services to all our users. We are different from many similar companies in that we place our main emphasis on high quality. We apply a purely individual approach for each user, trying to take into account his wishes and satisfy his needs as much as possible. That is why several major financial firms, game server companies and VOIP companies have resorted to us for cooperation. Our technical support team work 24/7 and constantly monitor the servers in order to be able to respond to any emergency situation instantly.

  • Our Network – Data Center Information

    USA, Los Angeles

    Switzerland, Zurich

    Germany, Nuremberg

    Russia, Moscow

  • Linux VPS Operating Systems

    Modern Linux VPS OS are based on the relatively new paravirtualization technology; the kernel of their containers is specially modified for virtual interaction with users. This allows installing the system using one of the images created. So, installing it does not take more than 5 minutes.

    You can select the one you want from the distributions that are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If desired, you can personally reinstall the system using a VPS control panel. To change the configuration of the remote server, you don’t need to reinstall the system – you only need to restart the operating system and data about the size of the hard drive or memory will change automatically. Beginners tend to choose to work in Ubuntu distribution because it is most convenient to use and stable. It is best to choose the distribution of the last tested version to ensure that it has all the modern additional features.

    On the server, you can host any content that does not contradict existing laws.
    Do not forget that automatic backup is not done on the servers of the hosting service provider. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to personally backup your unique content in order not to lose it. Linux VPS operating systems make it possible to work with a remote server as close as communicating with a physical server hardware. So, any user who has sufficient knowledge of basic administration can easily cope with managing the server.

    To install additional software in Linux VPS OS, it is just enough to enter the name of that program in the command line. If the repository of the OS has this program, then the system will automatically find it and install correctly.

    It should be noted that Linux is highly resistant to a variety of virus attacks. It does not even require additional antivirus software.

  • XEN-based virtualization

    Xen virtualization is one of the new products of the virtualization market. This technology achieves an unprecedented increase in the performance of Apache and Linux systems. Today, many manufacturers of hardware and all (without exception) Linux distributions include support for this technology in their products.

    The main problem faced by the company developing this technology was initially the lack of enough devices to test new applications and distributions. However, this led to testing in a variety of conditions and today the result exceeds all expectations: installing Xen on an ordinary platform can turn that platform into an essentially different machine.

    The Xen offers additional support for paravirtualization mode besides the traditional hardware virtualization.

    Xen technology can expand the functionality of a virtual hardware considerably. It makes the performance of a virtual machine quite comparable with that of a real machine. Besides, migration of a running virtual machine (domain) between physical machines becomes possible. Xen virtualization provides the reliability and performance needed by today’s devices.

    Being in a hardware visualization mode, the guest operating system does not depend on the hypervisor. It does not “see” its existence, and so most of the necessary operations are emulsified. This especially concerns privileged processes. Hypervisor Xen is quite capable of performing the necessary set of operations meant for effective management of the RAM, realtime timers, interrupts, CPU status, CPU step counter, as well as for controlling the DMA. All other functions are performed by the management domain.

  • Control panels IPSmanager and cPanel

    A person not well-versed in administration and programming will find it quite difficult to work directly with a web server. Therefore, it was necessary to develop special control panels to be used to manage the remote hosting server. In fact, these are usual programs with a graphical user interface that make it possible to virtually manage a web server from any browser of a home PC.

    There are many different panels to manage a hosting on remote servers running in Linux. They can be subdivided provisionally into free and paid. The cPanel panel is one of the most popular free options of control panels. With it, you can perfectly solve the most important task – automation of server configuration when effectively hosting websites on them.

    Experienced users call this panel a true combine for hosting. It efficiently compiles the software required by the server from existing source codes and is integrated into the system at a very deep level. A shortcoming of cPanel is its bulkiness and high resource intensity. So, it is better not to install it for virtual servers with an average and small amount of resources. This panel is best suited for mass virtual hosting.

  • Main advantages of cPanel
    • Perfectly designed functional levels both for administrators and for ordinary users
    • You can select the default language you wish to use;
    • Remarkable implementation of data backup and import of different users.

    The access level that is installed for a user determines which server controls is available to that user. Of course, the maximum number of features will be available to a user with administrator privileges. A user using a specific set of rules is called a reseller. He will be able to do everything made available to him through the access set by the administrator. When changing a user, the panel will switch to the appropriate mode without rebooting the system.